• Our JCI Projects

  • JCI Consulting Services include:

    • Present Scenario Assessment (PSA)

    • Training on JCI standards

    • Documentation

    • Patient and System Tracers

    • JCI Mock Surveys

    • Dedicated Leadership Workshops

    • Evaluation of Medical staffs as perJCI(OPPE)

    • Training on FMEA,RCA and HVA

    • Training on Culture safety&Ethical Framework

    • JCI Survey Management

  • Our Consulting

    assures practical answers to the

    complex accreditation processes

Welcome To Mediance Healthcare

Based at New Delhi, India, Mediance healthcare is a management consulting firm that helps hospitals and healthcare organizations and those planning to venture in this sector , by providing "requirement based" consulting Solutions.

JCI Accreditation

NABH Accreditation

NABL Accreditation

Our Services

Facility Planning & Design

Mediance has a team of facility planners, hospital-engineering experts and architects, who have vast experience and knowledge in hospital...

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Quality and accreditation

We are the only professionally managed healthcare Consulting firm in the country having a fully dedicated, exclusive team of JCI accreditation consultants.

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Process Reengineering

Business process reengineering (BPR) helps Organization radically restructure their organizations by zooming in on their business ...

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Turnkey Project

A fragmented approach to hospital design has several pitfalls, and many projects have been largely unsuccessful due to the fact ...

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New Products

Accreditation Readiness Assessment

Team Mediance understands the process of change management and how difficult changing an organizational culture can be. Often one of...

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Aligning Hospital Information Systems

We have found that many accredited organizations in India and abroad facing a challenging problem of collection, integration, analysis...

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Partner in Readiness program

In the world of unannounced JCI Accreditation surveys, continuous readiness and Standard Based Leadership is a must. This...

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Mediance clinical excellence

Many Hospitals in India and abroad earn a bad reputation due to medical negligence which is fatal in many incidents. This occurs mostly due to...

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